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Community Outreach And Social Skills Club

Integrating Social and Emotional Learning with Academics


Community Outreach & Social Skills is evolved to enrich the learning of students from various educational institutions by preparing them to be active global citizens by engaging them in activities that enhance the quality of life for both others and themselves. What we believe is that the current educational system is disconnected from the needs of society. To re-examine and reconstruct the pillars of social and humane learning, we recognize that the relevance of incorporating emotional intelligence and life skills development is crucial. Thus Community Outreach & Social Skills Club has been initiated to enrich education through projects which hone life skills, build social responsibility and contribute towards community development. The Club designs and implements projects in diverse areas like entrepreneurship, agriculture, research, city navigation, health, relationships, racial equality, and environmental conservation. By involving students in community outreach projects, the Club achieves the twin objectives of emotional learning and social upliftment. These quality community-based service projects also include partnerships between students, faculty, staff, and the wider community.

Apart from this, the club strives to maintain consistent programming across all opportunities by incorporating orientation, training, supervision, meaningful service activities, reflection, recognition, and assessment into all programs.


"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

- Martin Luther King

With the various age-appropriate opportunities for students to become active and positive contributors to the community, these opportunities help them to build a sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards society. More importantly, students can deepen their understanding of individual leadership, systemic change, and social responsibility in the context of a local, national and multicultural society.

News & Stories

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As part of International Cancer Awareness Day, COSS Club initiated to raise awareness and to express support for children

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Students initiated the SMILE Project with young patients in the Paediatric Oncology Department of Calicut Medical College.

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COSS Club initiated a project under "One", which aimed to build social responsibility and nurture human values.

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