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About COSS

COSS Club is an initiative aimed at enriching education through projects which hone life skills, build social responsibility, and contribute towards community development. By involving students in community outreach and social skills projects, the Club achieves the twin objectives of emotional learning and social upliftment. The Club welcomes educational institutions to implement its projects in their respective settings. Interested schools need to register themselves and submit the completed projects online before the stipulated deadline. Every project will be assisted by a panel of experts in identifying the best projects. Besides awarding the most outstanding works, the annual meet of participating schools will serve as a platform to inspire one another and encourage introspection and learning.


To revive the social content of education, enabling students to partake in the holistic evolution of a humane society through projects that prod them to reflect and act with conviction and sound judgment


  • To bring education and community life together
  • To translate love and compassion into action
  • To equip the student for independent and continuous learning
  • To nurture the student into a responsible and functional unit of the society