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Coss Projects

Smile is a project designed to encourage emotional learning in students through friendly and candid interactions with young patients under palliative care. Students experience the joy of making someone happy through small deeds that cost them nothing. By getting a first-hand experience of a patient's life, devoid of many of the privileges enjoyed by an average school-going student, they realize that they are in fact blessed. It will also enable them to empathise with those in distress. More importantly, students will realize the importance of maintaining a positive and bold spirit while facing the challenges of life.
The project Grand-friend is aimed at nurturing the grandparent-child relationship in fun and interesting ways. During the course of the project, the participant has to plan and carry out activities with their Grand - friend and maintain a record of the same in writing, pictures, audio and video format. The journal supplemented by various media will serve as a memoir for keeps.
Backyard Farmer
Backyard Farmer is aimed at fostering love for nature and farming in youngsters. Participants cultivate flower and vegetable gardens in the school premises with the guidance and support of mentors. In the process, they also learn about various plant species and their peculiarities, the latest farming techniques and other developments in the agricultural field.
City Guide
City Guide allows participants to explore the city they live in, learn about its culture and geography, review its amenities and document their experience. A detailed report akin to a tourist travel guide will be developed by the participants. The project encourages students to be socially aware and independent.
Wired for Tomorrow
Wired for Tomorrow is a business project designed to identify, encourage and nurture budding entrepreneurs. It provides participants an opportunity to interact with businessmen and gives them a platform to implement their own ideas. The project gives a deeper understanding of marketing and finance concepts apart from giving an exposure to the challenges of project implementation. The simulation of a marketplace instils a sense of healthy competition in children, prodding them to utilize their maximum potential.
Save is centred on initiatives related to environmental conservation. The area being very vast, students can take up activities related to topics like saving energy, anti-littering, water conservation, minimizing the use of plastic etc. Every participant is expected to be an ambassador for the cause and inspire others to follow his/her footsteps.
Mastery is a project that enables a child to learn with minimal supervision. The student picks a topic of his/her choice and conducts independent research under the mentorship of a subject expert. The minimum and maximum duration of the project are 6 months and 18 months, respectively. At the end of this period, students are required to submit a dissertation, following which they will be awarded a mastery certificate in a mock graduation ceremony.
The project One revolves around the idea of unity in diversity. Acknowledging differences and building open communication channels are essential for curbing discrimination and personal prejudices. The project tries to establish this objective by organizing rural camps and interaction sessions with tribal communities, thereby encouraging cross-cultural exchanges. It also provides students an opportunity to learn about herbal medicine practised by these communities.

COSS Club welcomes educational institutions to subscribe to its philosophy and implement its projects in their respective settings. Those interested can register themselves on the website.